VAPECHEMY – the people’s juice company!

We are the Vapechemy, the custom e-liquid mixing company, catering to the crowd, who is ready to immerse themselves in e-liquid world which has no borders of common taste and where there exists a perfect all day vape recipe for everyone, no matter how exotic your taste might be.

By combining the concept of open e-liquid recipe databases and by utilizing our operational know how in providing safe and controllable process of individual e-liquid mixing, we are offering a first of a kind custom mixed e-liquid service.
We allow anyone in DIY community to publish a recipe on our site. These recipes can then be ordered by anyone browsing the site. We even allow you to do micro correction to the recipe, like specifying exact PG/VG ratio, managing your nicotine level and adjusting the intensity of the flavor.
Furthermore - as a sign of understanding the importance of the authors, we are giving them back part of every order of their recipes made on our site.

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