Jango (Jackfruit Mango)
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Simple, sweet, exotic. FLV mango is a smash hit on its own at 3%. One of my new favorite flavors for sure. TPA Jackfruit by itself tastes like a tropical fruit similar to mango but also has a juicy fruit bubble gum vibe. I would not say this mix tastes like bubblegum though just a delicious mango vape. I use jackfruit at 3% sometimes but 2% has been my preferred level. Keeping with the simple fruit blends for the spring/summer! Enjoy!
Recommended steeping time: 1 days
Flavouring % ml
Mango (FH) 3.53 0.353
Jackfruit (TPA) 2.35 0.235
Total Sum 5.88 0.588
Cigalike (+15%)
Cigalike (+15%)
RDA (-15%)
RDA (-15%)
Volume: 10ml 30ml 100ml
0 24
Nicotine: 12.0
30% PG VG 70%
$ 4
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